Navi Niti (New Rituals)

13September 2014

Our success and much of the fun lie in creating rituals that make us feel wholesome. We may find happiness differently, but we are all happier when we feel connected. Heard. Seen. The freedom to be ourselves makes us feel wholesome by taking us on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Whether customary or habitual, rituals silently creep into our lives to accelerate our journey or deviate us from our path. Day after day, they leave ensuing marks to reshape our characters and redefine our beliefs. Conversations led with an open heart and mind with ourselves, and our circle of trust makes us aware of them.

Navi means New. Niti means ritual. NaviNiti strives to resurrect rituals that propel us forward and abandon the ones that hold us back. We hope to help you connect deeper with yourselves and what matters most to you through these initiatives. So be it family, friends, culture, arts, nature, spirituality, or community, choose what matters to you and go all in.

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